WOSD Advanced Diver (W_ADV)

Logo gevorderde duikerYou now have your ‘Autonomous Diver’ certificate and maybe you already have made some (certified) dives. Probably, you are also thinking about going on a holiday to do some dives or you would like to get certified as a specialty diver but you don’t really know what you would like. For these purposes, we have developed this WOSD ‘Advanced Diver’ course.

During the WOSD ‘Advanced Diver’ course, you will get additional theoretical information and you will also do some dives so that you can experience what else there is to enjoy in the underwater world. You will work on managing your buoyancy better, you will work with a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy’ (DSMB), you will expand your navigation skills and you will do a night dive. Some of these are part of WOSD specialty courses so that you have a better idea where your interests lie and that you can have more fun in the underwater world. After successful completion of this course, you will receive the WOSD “Advanced Diver” certificate.

Minimum requirements / requisites to follow the WOSD Advanced Diver course:
• Minimum age 14 years;
• Demonstrable swimming skills (swimming certificate not necessary);
• Signed medical statement;
• Signed statement of understanding;
• In the possession of the WOSD certificate ‘Diver level 2’ (Autonomous Diver) or equivalent.

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During the WOSD specialty course 'Advanced Diver' you will learn in a simple and safe way, additional knowledge and diving skills that increase diving safety and already give you a little information about certain diving specialties.

After successfully completing this specialty course you will receive the WOSD certificate 'Advanced Diver'.


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Tijdens de WOSD specialty opleiding ‘Gevorderde duiker’ leert u hoe u op een eenvoudige en veilige manier, aanvullende kennis en duikvaardigheden die de duikveiligheid vergroten en u al een beetje informatie geeft over bepaalde duikspecialiteiten.

Na het met goed gevolg afleggen van deze specialty opleiding ontvangt u het WOSD brevet ‘Gevorderde duiker’.